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06-Aug-2017 23:07

People insist this kind of thing doesn’t happen, but it’s happening right here at home." According to the state's updated information, about 20 voting-related referrals to local prosecutors have occurred since 2014 including a few "illegal voting" matters such as the Ortega case.

A conservative compendium Nationally, the conservative Heritage Foundation in 2015 posted a state-by-state breakdown of voter and election fraud convictions.

"We are dating, however not that advanced yet," he said.

Hizzoner, who’s currently serving as President Trump’s personal lawyer, denied that his frolic with Le Blanc doomed his 15-year marriage with Nathan."Totally untrue," he said.

"There were a bunch of prosecutions for unlawfully turning in a ballot that people weren't supposed to have possession.

There are a few instances of marking someone else's ballot without their consent — those are all absentee ballots.

fact is, despite our voter registration laws, we had the highest level of turnout than ever before in the primary that occurred just a few weeks before he made that comment." We’re separately checking his turnout tout.

Abbott, the former longtime state attorney general, went on: "The fact is voter fraud is rampant--and in Texas, unlike some other states and unlike some other leaders, we are committed to cracking down on voter fraud." Rampant fraud?