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This is especially important when your friend does a better job meeting your needs than your spouse in any of these areas.

In that case you should drop everything you're doing to immediately fix the problem.

But even if your spouse does a better job meeting these needs, a friend can make enough Love Bank deposits by meeting these need for you that you may wake up one morning in love with that person.

And if that happens your judgment will be severely damaged.

Any friend of the opposite sex with whom you have a private, personal, and bilateral relationship.

It's private in the sense that conversation is generally one-on-one, and sometimes kept secret because the spouse would be threatened in some way by it if it were done with the spouse present.

It's personal in the sense that personal information is revealed, especially problems faced in life, along with a willingness to help if needed. If they meet any of the criterion I've mentioned, you should take the extraordinary precaution of eliminating them from your lives.

And it's bilateral in the sense that both people share personal information with each other and have proven that they have what it takes to help each other. Be sure that your spouse is your very best friend, the one who meets your most important emotional needs, and keeps his or her account far above the romantic love threshold. For more information about our Marriage Builders Home Study Course CLICK HERE.

The first place to look for the highest risks for an affair is to consider who is most likely to be an affair partner. More people have affairs with that person than with anyone else.That's because almost everyone realizes that an opposite-sex friendship with someone who tries to meet a sexual need should be off-limits.It's friends who meet these other needs I've mentioned that can slip under the radar.It's personal in the sense that personal information is revealed, especially problems faced in life, along with a willingness to help if needed.

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