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If you don't want to create a named table, you can follow the instructions in the named range section below. It can be circumvented by pasting data into the cell, or by choosing Clear Clear All, on the Ribbon's Home tab.Watch the steps in this short video, and the written instructions are below the video With Data Validation, you can create a dropdown list of options in a cell. The easiest way to create and maintain the list of options, is to type them on a worksheet.If you are validating after the score submission deadline and notice a score is incorrect, contact Games Support immediately for assistance.Create a drop down list of items in a cell, with Excel's Data Validation feature.I’m not sure at what version Dreamweaver started to have this built-in drop-down generator. The dropdown is CSS/text-based, very easy to customize and maintain and works well with different browsers even when you have a big Flash or image banner right underneath.If you want to create a drop-down menu from a pull-down list, check out this post: Spry Menu Bar.

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You can also remove your custom validation rule, simplifying your code.

To create a drop down list in Excel 2010, you can name a list of items, based on a named Excel table.

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