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Crossdating relies on the fact that the width of the light rings in a tree reflect the conditions of the annual growing season.

Under good conditions, such as warm temperature, abundant (but not too abundant!

Crossdating attempts to take advantage of these annual variations to match the rings of one tree to those of another.

Given several trees with overlapping lifetimes, a dendrochronologist could line up the rings and construct a timeline longer than the lifetime of any individual tree.

The rings don't appear to be measured; their relative size is important here.

Once two samples have been graphed out, the researcher lines up the plots so that a set of lines mirrors each other. Strangely, all the examples I've seen of this method don't actually graph every ring.

Dendrochronologists, however, look past the mere number of rings.

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I don't find skeleton plotting to be particularly rigorous at all, as it has the potential to introduce quite a bit of user error and interpretation.

It seems straightforward enough to have captured my attention for the last week, but not quite enough to cause me to accept a 4.6 billion-year age for the earth.