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Along with the emcees’ banter at large group events — “Have you washed your hands 50 times today? ” — the jingle is part of the crew’s unwavering effort to stave off a potential Norovirus outbreak.But sanitation is just one aim of the frequent subliminal messaging.Only eight to 10 percent of passengers purchase unlimited booze packages — Royal Caribbean’s guests are largely family travellers — and those who do are carefully monitored.Every single alcoholic beverage is poured with a jigger.Mix an afternoon of unregulated drinking on land at Señor Frogs with tropical heat and a few glasses of Mexican tap water, and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed “PVI.”Cruise staffers regularly engage in subliminal messaging: The first thing guests likely see in their cabins is a gleeful jingle about hand-washing looping on their television screen.It’s catchy as a Katy Perry song and meant to steer you toward Purel pumps around the ship, each carefully positioned at high-traffic junctions (think entrances to the main dining halls and theatres) by senior staff.

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Luckily, passengers’ eating habits are fairly predictable.Jepsen joins a growing list of well-known performers to play Carnival ships as part of the Carnival LIVE Concert Series program.Others include musical heavyweights Tim Mc Graw and Carrie Underwood and comedians Jim Gaffigan and Chris Tucker.Intoxicated passengers can have their Sea Passes (onboard credit cards) temporarily disabled, barring them from being served at any of the ship’s bars.