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17-Jun-2017 19:34

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Lol Jerrod Lincoln, you know it's not a stupid question.

My take is that it is in Instant Message kind of exchange where person A says 'I get you in a headlock' and person B responds 'I punch you in the side and you let go.

piledrivers, suplex, camel clutch, hairpulling, wedgies. As example, played a scene where wandered in bar that had a ring in back where muscled dudes can challenge big champ...rules..gear.

I am interested in watching a male dominate and humiliate my girlfriend in cyber. nothing for me can beat real fight action, but have tried cyber and had some hot fight scenes when it involved roleplay action.

For example on a grapevine hold, I might write something like...

I wrestle you to your back and slide on top of your hips, pinning my speedo against yours. Hi, your description of a grapevine pin was so erotic that I had to write you this reply.

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You type "I put you in headlock grrrr" and your opponent types "Aargh!

I stretch your wrists high above your head and feel my hard shaft pressing yours through our skimpy speedo's. As I losen up and let go of idea that there was nothing to get out of cyber...

I found it to be a real turn on where I could let my own ideas intermingle with others and things got wilder and real life matches I started to use some of my, up to then repressed ideas, and it brought a whole new engery to the real fighting regradless of what kind...

It seems these days that one cannot swing a stick on the internet without hitting an article on why bots are So Hot Right Now.

As your friendly neighborhood dominatrix and expert on being served by people and things as a lifestyle, I feel obligated to chime in. Of the many fun things about being a dominatrix, we also often get to ask these same questions about the submissive person who wants to engage with us in a BDSM kink dynamic, as certainly these service-oriented subs each come with their own distinct human personality.

But the MMA was a lot more fun because of getting in close and contact to contact fighting, feeling your fists bring the pain as well as taking it just makes MMA or NHB some much more personal, not to mrntion the ability to get into a lot of CBT...

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