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Each partner must trust that they have a purpose or function in the relationship that is necessary, acknowledged, and appreciated by the other partner.

When men or women don’t feel needed and don’t have a clear sense of their role in the relationship, they will often start feeling unhappy, defeated, or even empty.

If every one that ended included an exit interview.

Again, men believe that actions show their love better than words.

For example, many men won’t talk openly about the range of their loving feelings for their girlfriend, telling themselves, ‘She knows.’ On the other hand, many women I’ve counseled over the years share their loving feelings openly.

Women in relationships often wish they got a little more expressiveness in the emotion department from their male partners, but women must understand that one of the ways men like to show love is through actions – not words.

The need to have a purpose in the relationship In a perfect world, both partners in a relationship would share each important role in a relationship equally.

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