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Meanwhile, if you enjoyed coming out for IWD, there are always ways to keep up the momentum.This month is Pride, and local LGBTQ Pride Parades can be great spaces for a sex worker contingent.On Reddit, after the site posted new policy updates, here’s a message that was sent to moderators of r/Sex Work, an important educational and harm reduction discussion forum: What does “zero tolerance” mean? What is clear is that sites like Reddit will try to unload their responsibility to comply with this law onto users and volunteer moderators.Though paid Reddit admins can remove posts themselves, Reddit is instead threatening an entire community with closure if they ever miss a post Reddit determines to be over the line.

We wanted to bring resources together and share vetted updates as quickly as possible to empower people to mobilize in their communities.Kim Tran wrote a great article for everydayfeminism on Activist Self-Care that reminds us of things that we too quickly forget.And in case this is part of your self care, here’s a hampster eating a tiny stack of pancakes.This is reposted from Tits and Sass, an awesome blog for sex workers, which has a wealth of information and resources.

We’re just holding it because not everyone’s work/library server gets and we feel bad for you. In the immediate aftermath of SESTA/FOSTA passing, before it’s even been signed into law, we’re already seeing discussion of sex work on the internet hit.And as much as this has been a moment for panic and fear, it has also been a moment of coming together.In the last week, we have also had two community calls with over 300 call-ins, including groups in cities from DC to San Francisco, meet-ups of sex workers across the country, countless (seriously, we can’t keep up) articles on the consequences of SESTA/FOSTA in larger and larger news outlets.We invite you to join us for a community debrief call, where we’ll discuss June 1 and 2, as well as media efforts, and get your input on how you want to move forward, because you are all Survivors Against SESTA. Post the call info on Insta, Twitter, and any other networks you have.