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Sometimes he is spotted at the beach, or a pool or just another part of the world!In this picture below, he took a vacation trip to New England, a beautfil picture at a windy powerhouse!He leaves no free time behind, rather takes his family and just swings by to different places, even if its a short trip to nearby towns.

We see Hollywood celebrity couples living separately within a few years of marriage, however, Susan Dey and Bernard Sofronski have emerged as a paragon. Before Susan started her relationship with now-husband Bernard Sofronski, she was married to Lenny Hirshan, her first husband. In their five-year-long marriage, Dey gave birth to their first daughter Sarah Dey in 1978.Rob, who was born in Connecticut, married Eryn Woodburn in the year 2010.They have a cute little daughter who is around 6 years old.Even with that he has time to try out all these scary looking - breath taking adventorous activities. His family lineages can be traced back to Germany and Italy - which is why his face resembles more of a latin citizen.

He gained popularity after he started working for CNN as a substitute anchor in Atlanta Headquarters.America born Rob Marciano is a journalist and a meteorologist who is currently working at ABC News channel.He has been married to his beautiful wife Eryn Marciano and the couple has a lovely daughter named Madelynn.This stunning NASCAR Wag is pregnant with Dale’s first child, but he said they are not going to name their child Dale Earnhardt III.