Danger of internet dating

05-Mar-2017 01:14

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Intent on engaging in immoral relations, those “cunning of heart” use “smoothness of the tongue” to tell potential victims what they want to hear.(Proverbs ; ) Nicola, a 26-year-old victim from the United Kingdom, explains: “It was like a love bombardment.Nickolas Savage is the assistant section chief of the Cyber Division.Savage: If somebody is asking you for money, just be very cautious. Halpern: The average financial loss per victim is between ,000 to ,000. Savage: I think the most important take-away is that people should stick to legitimate sites.The Internet is likewise extremely powerful and useful, but we must exercise caution when using it, as it also poses serious dangers. Need for Caution Centuries ago, the Bible warned of dangers posed by evil men described as “master[s] at evil ideas” and “scheming to do bad.” (Proverbs 24:8) The prophet Jeremiah described them as “wicked men” whose “houses are full of deception.” Like birdcatchers, they “set a ruinous trap” to catch men and “gain riches.” (Jeremiah , 27) Technology has provided modern-day “wicked men” with deceptive traps of new dimensions.

It is estimated that as part of an aggressive effort to attract new customers, some two billion pornographic E-mails are sent each day.However, it must be acknowledged that only a small percentage of sites on the Internet pose a danger and that most users have not experienced serious problems.Thankfully, the Scriptures provide guidance to “safeguard” us from danger. “The fear of Jehovah,” which “means the hating of bad,” is the basis for developing godly attributes.They should stick to larger companies that have a reputation.