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01-Aug-2017 12:06

I lost all track of time, he might have been humping me for an hour or maybe ten minutes. There was a buzzing or ringing in my ears and I was in a trance. I was permanently stretched open and full of his slippery cum. I knew he would cum soon and I wanted to do something I have never done before. I have been too modest or ashamed to ask anyone to do it. I stuck my tongue out to receive the load like I have seen the porn stars do it. I sensed him tensing up and his breathing quickened. He climbed over me with his legs outside of mine, and I spread my butt to give him clear access to my asshole. I stopped him in mid-stroke and whispered, "Would you do me a favor? It took a few minutes of my expert jack-off technique. We are all in a "cube-farm" layout which is not as nice as private offices, but we must accept it.One of the side-effects of this kind of arrangement is everyone in this department knows everyone else, and we sometimes know things that should be private.

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I spit on it and slid my hand up and down to spread it around. I looked back over my shoulder and saw his erect member swinging and swaying as he moved. " "Don't stop, no matter what I say or do." He pushed another inch or two into me, and it became more comfortable now that the big head was past the tight ring of my anus. He stayed pressed tight against me while I tried to get used to the horse-cock that was up in my abdomen.

I felt it from the base to where it disappeared into my asshole. He is much taller than me and he covered me up completely and held me, as if to not let me escape. I liked the feeling of being controlled and dominated. " I had a moment of panic thinking he wanted to do a threesome. Please save it for me." He smiled and nodded his head yes.

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