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During the War of the Five Kings he was tasked with raising a third Lannister force at the village of Oxcross, near Lannisport.

Oldest child and only son of Stafford Lannister and his wife Myranda Lefford; cousin to Tywin, Kevan and Genna and cousin once removed to Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion. He took command of his father's remaining forces and later laid siege to Riverrun.

The Lannisters are powerful and controlling, and completely merciless to those they view as weak.

They are effectively the royal house and become the nemesis of the Starks early on.

They control the Westerlands, with its hills and rich gold mines, and claim to descend from Lann the Clever, who is said to have stolen sunlight for his hair and winkled Casterly Rock from House Casterly using only his wits.

They are of First Men origin through the female line, though they follow neither the Old Gods nor the customs of the heritage anymore since Andal adventurers married into the family hundreds of years ago.

He is also extremely smart and cunning like his father Tywin, but his family never appreciates what he does (except for Jaime). Tywin's younger brother and right-hand man for many years, Kevan has, by choice, mostly lived his life in Tywin's shadow.

He is known to be stolid and reliable, as opposed to coming across as particularly villainous, and in later books is revealed to be a pretty decent man.

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After Tywin Lannister's death, he is named Warden of the West.

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Tywin became cold and hard after spending a lifetime watching his kind and generous Lord Father being constantly manipulated and walked over by his bannermen and mistresses.

He only became utterly cold after the death of his beloved wife, who was giving birth to Tyrion.

He disappeared on a journey to the ruins of Valyria to recover the Lannister ancient Valyrian-steel sword Brightroar. Brother of Joanna Lannister and uncle to Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion.