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18-Jun-2017 19:17

For all those who work with Wamp Server on Windows, I propose you a formatting(layout) of date as " Friday, January 1st, 2016 " instead of " Friday, January 01st, 2016 " (note the zero in front of 1) which works at the same time on Windows / Wamp Server and on (on-line) Linux / waiter.There are problems with "%e" - example (in HTML or webapp): [grab from database]...Function strftime() use the locales installed in your system (linux).If you are like me and only leave in the system the locales you use normally (en_US and your own language locale, like es_ES), you'll only be able to use the locales installed.Hopefully.testing (php_uname("s") == "Windows NT") or equivalent can be an option (when switching between Wampserver and a GNU server, for instance).

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You can see I tried a few different sql statements that i've commented out. See: means that, if you're not using Linux, or your Linux distro has a different C library than glibc, there *will* probably be at least a few differences in the supported specifiers.Windows has the most differences, but I've also encountered differences in Alpine Linux (which uses musl intsead of glibc) and BSD.$timezone: (optional) Time zone identifier, as described at to the time zone used to display the page. It looks like the documentation on this page applies to the 7.x function which takes short, medium and long.