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02-Jun-2017 06:07

During Emily Vo’s (E ‘19) freshman year, she was studying on her laptop in the Hill Library when she was approached by some male students who also lived in Hill, two of them white and one Asian.Mid–conversation, they told her that she was ranked on their list of “hottest Asian girls.” They phrased it as a compliment, and she took it as one at the time.The half-minute video was seen by Hong Kong Tinder users in the week beginning August 21, but was taken down after three days amid complaints from users and an accusation by the Asian youth online magazine Nextshark that it was taking “a very cheap shot” at Asian men.

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Born in central China and raised in the northwestern province of Xinjiang, she studied biology, economics and journalism in Peking University and Boston University.” to the unrestrained “I’ve always wanted to fuck an Asian girl.” Sarah isn’t alone.Ashna Bhatia (W ’17) says boys in middle school wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings because they considered her “too Indian.” Then, upon coming to Penn, she noticed that boys suddenly became interested in her racial background.He followed her down the length of the street and his friends did nothing to intervene.

Sarah feels that her experience with harassment was clearly motivated by her race.She is wary to date them, and actively puts up a “protective layer.” This racial dynamic exists in the queer community as well, students say. so I know a lot of Asian men who are queer who make it a point to be the dominant one in relationships, especially when it’s a white partner,” says Luke (C ‘19), a student who identifies as a half–white, half–Asian man and requested his last name be omitted.“You know, as a form of decolonization,” he laughs.When the United States fought in Asia—the Pacific War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War— soldiers often took war brides.

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