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My first job while in high school and college was at a Proffit's/Belk which made buying the Givenchy that much easier since it was just starting to become popular. A few months ago, I stopped by the old store to see if anyone still worked there who worked there when I did. We were all joking about how everyone knew where I was back then because you could smell the Pi in the air. The vanilla could certainly be "too vanilla" but it has a good mint that stops the vanilla from being overpowering. I ended up buying a 6.7 in it, also they had one bottle left of the Popeye Fraiche flanker and I bought it plus a bottle of the Ultra.A young lady, probably teens to early 20s was standing behind the counter and held a bottle out. I know what it's like to work in a store that still pays you for commission. Meaning, I sit in an office with clients, teach a few classes at the local university and can't be too risky with my cologne choices.Again, this isn't a knock or criticism against the seller, the bottle appears totally legit. TBH, I like the way the sample I received not to long ago more than this vintage bottle.There are a few more bottles around the same time period I'm considering buying but if it's not going to be the stuff of legend then I may just buy a current release bottle.I have a simple nose that can't pick out individual notes beyond the obvious so all I get is a nice vanilla.Yup, this one makes me smile and my nose is happy that I stink good. 2.) Eros: apple, citrus, mint vanilla 3.) Sun Java: watermelon, orange vanilla (great for summer) 4.) Pi: almond, amaretto vanilla 5.) Opium: mid 80's women's perfume, super-spice room-filling bomb, vanilla (not a fan) 6.) Black Vanilla Absolute: boozy, powdery vanilla (my fav) Hope this somehow helps any of you looking for a vanilla cologne. I don't particularly like it on me, and I can't see liking it on a man either.I'd be interested if anyone has insight they'd be kind enough to share.Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male it was created in 1995 by Francis Kurkdjian.

Tonka bean and cardamom did not stand a chance and couldn't do a thing about it :( Oh wow, this stuff smells phenomenal!

Update: I've now smelled enough cologne to be able to give just a bit more description. There's no meaning to the order above as I own them all but I would definitely place Opium last. In my opinion it is more wearable than Hypnotic Poison, though. I have JPG Le Male on my right wrist and Cuba Paris on my left wrist. (Initial 10 minutes) Le Male: Hits VERY strong with mint which suppresses vanilla [70%mint, 30%vanilla] Paris: Faint mint with pronounced vanilla [30% mint, 70%vanilla] (1hour dry-down) Le Male: Still moderate mint but vanilla starts to surface [50% mint, 50% vanilla] Paris: Mint note disappears and you are left with soft vanilla [10% mint, 90% vanilla] (5hour dry-down) Le Male: Mild mint and gorgeous vanilla [20% mint, 80% vanilla] Paris: All vanilla [100% vanilla] Bottom line: I had to resist myself from biting my wrist because both of them smelled so tasty. I'm in my late 30s and was once known for wearing Givenchy Pi, back in the late 90s as a high school and college student.