Dating a compulsive liar

23-Feb-2017 04:16

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But, you should not think that you are going to be the one who changes him or her if defensive lying is an ongoing pattern.

There are some people who do this on occasion and confess it, and probably can be trusted over the long haul. Whatever you decide to do, whether you stick in there or not, make sure that you do not go further until the lying issue is forever and certainly in the past.

Frank could sense some sort of tie that she was not owning up to.

Later, when some other issues came up where she had not been clear with him, the relationship died.

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You will have to ask yourself if you want to take the risk and do the work if you are with the first type.So, if you catch your guy in a lie or two, you begin to wonder how many times he’s lied to you that you haven’t caught onto.You even begin to wonder if he might be a compulsive liar.They are not really dangerous, evil characters, and sometimes when they find someone safe, they learn to tell the truth.