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18-Mar-2017 17:43

You may fear abandonment, expect rejection, or constantly worry that your parter might leave you, according to therapist Sonja Keller on Mind Body With all that floating in your head, it'll be damn near impossible to not feel clingy and co-dependent.Maybe you don't trust your partner, and constantly check his or her phone for signs of cheating.Or maybe you ask them to prove their love, over and over again.This is all due to reduced self-esteem, which will prevent you from moving forward into a healthy fulfilling relationship, according to Keller.

Clearly, sex isn't a healthy source of self-confidence, and will usually lead to problems down the road. a choice to go opposite is still a choice based on dad." And that's not always good.

Not surprisingly, this viewpoint can color your relationships with future partners, and may require a lot of brain "re-wiring" to move past.

"The hard part is de-emphasizing your father's influence over your impression of men to being just one example," said Bob Alaburda on Your

(And may even say generalizing things, like "all men are the same.") To justify your anger and resentment, you may find yourself picking fights, or creating conflict in your relationship, according to relationship coach Kelly J, on Your In the classic example of "daddy issues," you often find yourself going for much older men.

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There's nothing wrong with that, if it's your thing.

"This can get exhausting, and eventually the neediness may push [them] away, which will confirm your greatest fear — you are unlovable and unwanted," said Keller. And that hurt can follow you around for a while, making you less likely to search for a partner.

Aug 11, 2014. Boys raised by men who are committed and faithful to their wives and show them consistent affection and respect; who demonstrate love for.… continue reading »

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