Dating advice and shyness

11-Feb-2017 11:37

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I get asked all the time for tips on how to date if you feel shy.Allow me to share with you my Shy Girls‘ Guide to Dating.Many shy people ruminate over what they’re going to say in a conversation, hesitate when initiating a conversation, or speak really fast, in hopes of pushing through the conversation.Remember, even if you’re anxious it’s likely the other person doesn’t see just how anxious you feel.

Shyness is characterized as feeling worried, awkward, or tense when socializing.

Seeing a therapist to treat social phobia can be incredibly helpful and even alter your future by learning new skills to cope.

If you fall into the shy category, including social phobia, remember you’re not alone.

You might be an extremely social person who loves to talk and express.

If he’s just the opposite of that, it means he completes you. If you find that your boy doesn’t easily mingle with others, it’s because shy people take time to open up. Once they get to know (and like) someone, they let their guard down and can have a perfectly nice time with them. If you know that you two are going somewhere where you are likely to bump into a lot of your old friends, don’t spring it upon him. Inform him about the nature of the event/ party and explain how you know XYZ.While this is standard dating advice for any couple out there, it applies most to you and Mr Shy Guy over here.If he’s shy to a point of being shy even between the two of you, then you may just want to have a talk with him about being more open and expressive at least within the relationship.It takes some boys time to become confident guys who are sure of themselves and are able to handle just about any social situation. If he’s super shy today, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be just as shy his whole life.

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