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This is the story of 5 teenage college friends and the challenges they face in transitioning to adulthood.The story revolves around their complicated relationships, friendships, conflicts and passions...

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She knows that she needs a transplant operation soon or it will be fatal...One day, she meets the owner of the department store: Bulut, the handsome heir to a textile empire...Set in Virginia in the spring of 1862, MERCY STREET follows the lives of two volunteer nurses on opposite sides of the conflict: Nurse Mary Phinney (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a staunch New England abolitionist...After graduating from the Conservatory of Music, she jumps into the music industry working as a back vocalist and singing in commercial jingles.

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How far would you go for the sake of love, conscience, and justice? R) These women are wives of former party leaders, female thieves, nuns and prostitutes serving harsh sentences side by side...This is the story of a surrogate mother’s fight to keep the baby, when through a twist of fate she discovers that he is her own biological child. Sofia Ferreira Bivar (51) and her husband, Álvaro Bivar, are partners of Laura Teles De Aragado (53) and her husband Francisco in a company that owns... Frozen Memories tells the story of Rosa, who suffers from retrograde amnesia, and Narcisa, who tries to take advantage of her sister’s accident to keep all the wealth she built in the last decade.The story becomes more complicated when she falls in love with the father of her baby."Winter Sun” is a story of betrayal and revenge. Three women, driven by different reasons, end up joining in a crusade to get revenge out of the same man.He is willing to fight for people to survive as long as he lives...