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01-Apr-2017 05:25

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“Once we have an overall picture in research, we begin to drill down in order to discern whether there are differences by considerations such as the type of relationship.” In 2011, Sorenson began collaborating with the Philadelphia Police Department to improve documentation of domestic violence in the city.As a result, an officer who responds to such a call must fill out a form that includes a narrative description of the event, as well as other additional information such as victim-offender relationship and behavior, regardless of whether an arrest occurs.Analyzing 31,206 of these forms from the year 2013, the researchers found that 82.1 percent of intimate partner violence incidents included current or former dating partners (44.3 percent and 37.8 percent, respectively).Funding for this research came from the New Venture Fund and the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence.