Dating background checks online tips for dating intelligent women

21-Aug-2017 21:22

Running a background check before a first date can seem a bit invasive.

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So you've been swiping left and right on any of the plethora of dating apps available today? Or did they turn out to be a totally different person offline? A match may tell you that they luuuurvve Taylor Swift, but in reality, they may be a Belieber. Or they may be married, have kids, or even have a criminal past that may or may not be violent.

Stud or Dud, which is now available in the Apple App Store, accesses publicly available records to provide users peace of mind that the person they are dating was worth the swipe right.

A 2011 study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that approximately 81 percent of people using online dating sites lie in their profile, while 30 percent of Tinder users are actually married.

How does one find out about such glaring red flags before meeting a potential match in person?

In an effort to bring transparency back into the dating world, Stud or Dud today announced the launch of a mobile app that helps users learn more about a potential date before meeting in person.If you are unaware of the counties your date has been in, it may be better to opt for a state criminal background check.Because a national criminal database is not publicly available, most online national background checks go through each individual state's database.But there are more serious things that the user might not know about such as that the person they just starting hooking up with on Tinder is really married, they have kids, or even a criminal past.

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