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The speed is different, some of them want to drive very fast and reckless, others wants to drive leisurely.When you drive in the wrong neighbourhood, your girlfriend will tell you.When you are dancing you have to get a minimum number of points to satisfy your girlfriend.When you go on a dancing-date frequently, that number of points will become higher and higher.

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The other girlfriends, who are encountered during gameplay rather than being attached to missions, are Michelle Cannes, Barbara Schternvart, Helena Wankstein and Katie Zhan.You can practice dancing by walking into the disco when you are not on a date.This is the same as when you are on a date, but not with your girlfriend.When you reach the 100% you will get a suit from most of your girlfriends delivered in your wardrobe.

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There are three kind of dates: dancing, go out for a meal and go out for a drive. During a date you can give your girlfriend a gift to satisfy her and improve your progress with a girl.Michelle, Katie and Helena become available to date once Flint County, Whetstone and San Fierro are unlocked (although Helena is first encountered in Red County, which is accessible from the start of the game, she does not appear until the second region is unlocked).Barbara becomes available once Tierra Robada, Bone County and Las Venturas are unlocked.A hint for the ladies who want to drive leisurely: drive your car in reverse, this will result in the speed she likes almost every time!