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The tule stem has a pithy interior filled with spongy tissue packed with air cells—this makes it float well on water as well as a good insulator.Native Americans used tule for making and thatching huts, Tule has to be handled with care when green to avoid breaking the stem and gains strength when it is partially dried.Players of all abilities, aged 4 to 14 are welcome to attend.

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Tule canoes were constructed of cut stalks of tule plants bundled together around a willow 'core' for extra strength.

These canoes were constructed by taking a large tree and shaping it with hand tools and fire to a boat's configuration.

A redwood log 4 metres (13 ft) long and 240 centimetres (94 in) diameter weighs about 2,000 kilograms (4,400 lb).

The maritime history of California can be divided into several periods: the Native American period; European exploration period from 1542 to 1769; the Spanish colonial period, 1769 to 1821; the Mexican period, 1821 to 1847; and United States statehood period, which continues to the present day.

In the northwest coast of California near the redwood forests several Indian tribes developed large dugout canoes they used for fishing, trade and warfare.

Topics will include dribbling, shooting, passing and receiving and turning.

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