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10-Feb-2017 19:09

I was on display and stared at all the time, it went with having the top job. It's the celebrity's fault, it's the celebrity's doing and they really should be bitchslapped for it.[quote]When they call action, everybody on the set is staring at the actors. Most people on-set have no need to pay close attention to the action(or lack of) while the camera is rolling.I made people nervous and they couldn't help watching me and what I was doing. Out come the magazines, the sudoku, the crossword puzzles, or they step away and whisper to each other until they're needed.

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And even then it came from other crew who learned from experience that for your own good and to prevent drama and hysterics from certain unhinged "Charmed" cast-members, just ignore them as much as possible. "For experienced crew, it's second-nature but the AD is doing his/her job with the reminder.

Supposedly when Sandra saw one of the signs she ordered they all be taken down.