Dating client ethical

02-May-2017 19:13

Other people coming to that situation could be totally misled by such a destructive therapist/client relationship.When the therapist shows no boundaries, ethics or compassion, such a relationship cannot help the client find healing. author of this article wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect the client, therapist and the essence of the healing discipline spoken of herein.Obviously he has needed to take responsibility for what he did, and understand why, but why did someone who was in a position of trust, caring for a very vulnerable client who only wanted to come closer to his wife and family, do what she did?She probably, even now, doesn't even know why herself, but this socializing was a symptom of a very deep unanswered need within her.Examining the ethics of keeping safe boundaries in the relationship between therapist and client is not an issue that seems to be widely discussed.This article has been written to hopefully encourage those entrusted with the care of vulnerable clients to look at how their behaviour may cross the boundaries of ethical conduct.One hopes that she can heal herself more in order to be able to truly help others in the future, and not take advantage of a client's vulnerability.

'' She even went away with my husband to see his astrologer.

When I realized what was going on, I wrote to her about it and it took three letters before she replied to me.

When she did, she accused me of making a scapegoat of her, and she said "you were abroad, your husband was in England.

Once boundaries are crossed in the way that they were with my husband, the healing transmission stops, and the therapist is no longer a clear channel for healing.

The woman concerned is under review now by her association as a therapist. Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini. Some therapy training programmes have a code of conduct taught to students, some do not.Many training programmes seem to naturally presume that the therapist will behave with compassion, discretion and maintain an ethical code of conduct in dealing with clients.In reality, the situation is often very different, with human need and frailty often being paramount.

Although I was well educated on the theories, reasons, and understanding of the ethical considerations regarding intimate relationships with clients, I was unprepared to face the ethical decisions I was going to have to make when a client… continue reading »

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