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Her name literally means "Earth Mother" (de meter).

Perpetually ticked off at anyone who wronged her, such as insulting her, allowing themselves to be seduced by her husband or being the love-child of such an assignation. Goddess of grain, fertility, the "life" parts of the life-and-death cycle, and marriage laws.

The Roman god Mercurius (Mercury) was identified with him.

The god of wine, drunken debauchery, agriculture, theatre, and the freeing of self from normal behavior.

Essentially a liminal goddess who protected women throughout their lives. His nearest Roman equivalent was Mars, who however was also a god of agriculture.

The more martial Romans put Mars in a much higher place in their religion than the Greeks (or at least the Athenians and Thebans, from whom we derive most of our knowledge about Greek myth)The Blacksmith.

Her Roman equivalent was Vesta (as in "Vestal virgins").

His nearest Roman equivalent was the destructive volcano god Vulcanus (Vulcan).Teiresias has both been male and female; her ambiguous sprite might be an allusion to this.Her name may also be a reference to Denny Teresi, who is blind.Later, he also became a solar deity, with the partial assimilation of Helios into Apollo.