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There are many Thai women really looking for a western man for different reasons.Money is almost always a subject, but in most cases not the most important one.In Thailand, white skin is considered as more beautiful than dark skin. Another reason is that Western people are rich in the eyes of Thai women, because a plane ticket from most western countries to Thailand cost 3 average monthly salaries to them and a western salary of a construction worker in the Europe is twice as high as the salary of a Thai manager.Most billboards show people with white colored skin and a majority of the skin care products have a whitener additive. Furthermore, there is a surplus of women in Thailand and a portion of the men are transsexual or gay.Read more: Meet and date Indonesian women Everything you need to know in a relationship with a Thai wife What is the expectation of the Thai family in your relationship Different books about Thai women Thai bargirls, who are these girls and where can you find them?Information about Thai dating and the best Thai dating sites All about Thai ladyboys, who are they and where can you find them?

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i'm small but i'm skinny,slim ^^ , i like smile, laugh,cheerful,fun.

my free time...i like listening to the Music, read book, cleaning house :) and i looking for true love. have be honest ,sincere, caring me and love my family 44 Yrs : I'm 162 cm tall, 50kg weigh. I enjoy travelling and have been to many countries for holidays. Seeking a nice guy to be my soul mate/lifetime partner.