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16-Jul-2017 10:40

It may be easier, especially at first, to talk about feelings indirectly.You might try asking your guy what he’d do during a getaway or romantic weekend. That would require him to identify his feelings which might stall the conversation before it gets started.It will probably come as no surprise that most often it is the woman who feels the lack of connection more strongly and typically she is the one who will raise this issue in sessions.It’s not that men don’t notice and feel the emotional distance between them and their partners, but it is comparatively rare that the man will raise this concern first.As a result of their discomfort with emotions, though, they may take more time to actually make the commitment and talk about it.Often their actions, such as doing things they think will be helpful to you, can give clues that they are committed.This may be so basic that it seems unnecessary to even say.

Sometimes it may help if you “read between the lines” and suggest a possible feeling he may be experiencing based on his non-verbal or other cues.There are many reasons for this, but for our purposes, it will help if you remember, we humans all have the same range of feelings.We vary in amazing ways regarding how we experience, defend against and/or express feelings, but they are there.It may stem from a desire to make your life easier, your world a better place or something similar to this.

It can be really frustrating to be on the receiving end of their kind deeds when what you really desire is a tender affirmation in words that express how much they love you.

With patience, encouragement and practice men can “translate” the physical sensations, e.g.

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