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19-Aug-2017 05:33

Rental, utilities and cost of labour have risen over the last few months.

The ringgit has also weakened against the US dollar which drove business costs up, adding pressure on their income.

The family made that difficult decision some time last year, and Yap’s eldest son Kelly tells us that, “It was difficult, but what to do, it is the way it is.” We asked Kelly how long he had been working alongside his father Chin Fatt to run the shop; “A long time, I was dragged into the family business,” the 54-year-old says jokingly.

Venus Art has created a dozen art products that is used widely in national and international schools, as well as the textile industry.

The Yaps are proud of their inventions, showing us newspaper clippings and photographs of art competitions, exhibitions and showcases that uses Venus Art’s creations.