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I don't claim to have any expertise in deciphering scripts or recognising distinct, borrowed words within the Malayo-Polynesian language families or in any ancient languages further afield.

I've referred Mark to others who claimed some expertise in this area but have not advanced any opinions based on personal research, as it's not an area I dabble with.

I can't fake the mathematical occurrences absolutely in evidence within these sites, especially where they relate to PHI or strong lunar and navigational codes.

This is not a hypothesis or a theory..plain, on the ground, functioning mathematical relationships between tangible structures. and that he's willing to talk for the benefit of the New Zealand people. From: Gene Matlock Tuesday, September 18, 2001 Subject: About Mark Newbrook Dear Mr.

You would also have the last laugh and be vindicated for the treatment you got from the imbecile teacher, who verbally abused you over a period of 18-months or for the "six of the best" you unfairly received.

I'd encourage you to look at the mathematics of my book again, or go directly to my website at It's not a case of "drawing enough lines" but of some very definite dimensions recurring on the worldwide distribution of sites.

Several people have complained about this suppression of artefacts..not only in relation to Otago Museum's collection.Is your friend still the Curator or has he moved on to less "clandestine" enterprises?You could really help us here in New Zealand if you could set up a link between your friend and I.The Maori warriors overwhelmed the earlier people, annihilated or absorbed them, then took over everything the earlier group had...whole villages, canoes, greenstone objects, carved totems, cultural