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05-Aug-2017 03:05

If you’ve been dating the long distance guy for a year without him asking for exclusivity, he’s not going to ask. When a man doesn’t incorporate you into his life or introduce you to people, that’s a sign he doesn’t see you as right for a serious relationship. Unfortunately this relationship is probably going no where.You’ve been dating the second guy for only three months and at least he is local.I can see what he says about his son and the revolving door.But not sure what to think about his not mentioning any friends. I don’t mean to alarm you and this might not be the case, but sometimes married men will behave this way. You can also tell him what you are looking for in a relationship.

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His children are adults who he says have told him they don’t want anything to do with anyone he dates since divorcing his mother years ago.

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach for Women, My question is about understanding men and how to handle being not being incorporated into a guy’s life. I could fall for either guy, but while both say they want to be exclusive, neither seems to want to incorporate me into his life.