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He tried to regain the throne of Denmark but was taken prisoner and spent the rest of his life detained in Sønderborg and Kalundborg castles in Denmark.

Isabella died in 1526 at the castle of Zwijnaarde, another Flemish city.

A famous former student of this school is Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne.

The site was vacated by the army in 1998, bought by the city and it is now the home of the city hall and police department.

This day there is a statue of sheep located near the Zimmertoren in remembrance of this animal market.

The university was eventually built in the city of Leuven in 1425. Its clubs, such as La Rocca, are well known throughout the region.

Outside the city building there are still 2 canons standing, in remembrance of the strong connection with the Belgian artillery.

The total area is 49.70 km² which gives a population density of 669 inhabitants per km². There is also a resemblance with the Swedish word leira which means muddy shore or the Icelandic word leir meaning "clay".

) is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp. The Latin name of Lier is Lyra, the latter contains the -ara ending which refers to a river potentially from Germanic or Keltic origin.

The municipality comprises the city of Lier itself and the village of Koningshooikt. A potential explanation is thus the Germanic word Ledo or Ledi which refers to a place near the confluence of the small and big Nete.

Another important nickname for inhabitants is the name Schapekoppen, roughly translated as the heads of sheep.

This nickname dates back to the 14th century when the duke Jan II thanked Lier by offering the choice between a university (to be built) and an animal market.King Christian II of Denmark and his wife Isabella (sister to Charles V and, as Queen, known as Elisabeth) lived in Lier from 1523 after he had been driven out of Denmark by the nobility.He was waiting there in vain, hoping to get military support from his brother in law.Lier is known for its beers, including 'Caves', its patron saint 'St. It is also home to Van Hool (in Koningshooikt), one of the largest manufacturers of buses and coaches. A complete different explanation might be the Germanic word hieura referring to a hillock type of country.