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"Even if you start spending lots of time together, he said it for a reason."Don't allow repetitive hangouts to convince you he's looking for something down the road.You may just be spending all that time together because he has absolutely nothing else to do.I considered investing, or buying lotto tickets, or selling arts-and-crafts on Etsy, but none of them quite have the lazy-appeal of being paid to go out to dinner.So, in the interest of exploring all possible avenues of personal finance, I’ve done what my mum always said I should do when faced with a tricky decision and made a list of pros and cons.April Masini, a New York-based relationship expert, says if he has no plans for the week or weekend, you're probably just a distraction from it all."You may be great, and he may be, too — but he may be with you because he doesn't have anything else going on," says Masini.

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This is such a sweet question, but I'm not sure how to answer.This is how I like to think life looks for women who sign up to sugar daddy dating sites, and this is the image that came to mind while I was reading one of those tell-all style, “I’m financing my life by dating rich dudes,” articles this week.According to the woman in the article, Rose Clifford, she’s earning more than ,800 a year by going on dates with CEOs, directors, and other high-flying, career oriented and terribly lonely kinds of guys.“Each time we met he gave me 0 and if I ever needed money whilst he was away he would transfer me 5,” she says of one of her regulars.“Usually men offer 0 to 0 per date,” — BUT, get this — “I’ve had offers of .50 before.” That’s not even worth the makeup you’d put on.Now, usually, this would just be something I would read, laugh at and then forget.

But here’s the thing — I’ve been on the hunt for a secondary source of income for a while now.

These "lonely" signs below will help you figure out his deal once and for all.