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08-Feb-2017 03:16

Included in this section are caps worn by officers and sailors of the Soviet Navy during the Cold War.

Of all the services, Naval uniforms changed the least over this period - with caps worn in 1945 very similar to those produced at the very end of the USSR except for changes in fabric and use of aluminum stampings.

Same for officers: Captains 1st Rank and Colonels (Polkovnik) were the same rank.

Although the color palette of the Soviet Navy was limited, it did have the widest range of uniform types of any service.Naval caps were unique in this regard - unlike Army and Air Force caps that experienced numerous changes in emblems and color over this same period.As you will see later, Navy seamen typically wore a visorless cap called (in Russian) "beskozirka." However, if that seaman re-enlisted in the Navy after his conscript service was completed and achieved the rank of Michman, Chief Petty Officer (Glavny Starshina) or Petty Officer (Starshina) 1st or 2nd class - he was authorized to wear a visor cap.For uniform aficionados, I shall try to define these as I track down through the cap descriptions.

Finally, I am sad to say that Soviet Naval Infantry - while it did get a unique (and very sharp) uniform in 1963 - wore berets, not visor caps, and so are not represented here.In addition to categorizing uniforms into summer and winter versions of Parade/Parade-Walking Out, Service (for everyday), Work (sailors only) and Field (Naval Infantry only); the Navy subdivided the first two into numbered variations.Fortunately for cap collectors - typically the same cap served with multiple uniforms.The key distinguishing feature for this cap is the use of the brass coated steel and enamel star in place of the cockades used by higher ranking naval personnel.

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