Dating gemini men

08-May-2017 02:34

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A Gemini man enjoys information of any kind and he might even enjoy gossiping with you.

Nothing can make a Gemini man run away from you than teary promises, sympathy gaining speeches, etc.

You need to be witty and smart like him to keep him interested.There's a soul need to travel light, to experience life from many angles.He is enamored with creatures who have many sides to their personality.You need to be practical and capable of taking care of yourself in order to win and retain his love and respect.

Boredom is one word and one thing that Gemini men hate like anything.And it is definitely worth it, if you really want to enjoy life and have fun with a completely non demanding partner. Very often, his flirting is his way of playing and there's nothing serious behind it.Now, once you are committed to him, follow these methods to make the relationship last longer!