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Chances are, if you’re attracted enough to someone to have sex with them, it’s going to bring down the mood if you’re not both enjoying it.

Yes, some people with disabilities have special considerations that they’ll want (or not want) to clue you in on.

If you feel you’re going to need to be rewarded every time you get us a glass of water or help us when we get sick, grow the hell up.

5) Trust us to tell you what is good for us and what we need.

Society does a pretty solid job associating disability or illness with death and fear, impressing deep in even the disabled and chronically ill our lack of worth. Such unkind, ill-considered and immature emotional responses shows that maybe you don’t know what love is. 4) Fighting ableism or dating us doesn’t get you cookie. We aren’t inherently more inspirational for being disabled or chronically ill.

That’s hard enough to deal with, and we need your help calling out those insecurities or fears — not adding to the problem. If you’re dating us or having sex with us as some sort of weird way to get a notch on your bedpost or socially prove how progressive you are, walk away. We’re inspirational because we’re doctors and writers and lawyers and engineers and programmers and parents and siblings and really good friends.

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9) Strategize the best way to use individual strengths.

Trust me when I say that open communication never goes wrong here. We need to let down our hair and eat dairy or gluten. And when we’ve got a safety plan and people we trust to help, we’re happier and more prepared than we would be flying solo. Sex: the DEFCON 1 issue stopping many able-bodied people from dating us, let alone talking to us.

Don’t tell us what we shouldn’t be eating or drinking. We need to go walking alone sometimes, even if it means we could pass out in a park somewhere. This is the part that freaks most able-bodied people out. Even if we can’t or don’t want to do everything with you (which is completely healthy in able-bodied relationships, too), we won’t ask you to stop doing things you love to do. There’s no secret disability sex enclave, indoctrination or manual. Are you planning to stop communicating what you need and want?

Yes, bring up that medical study or new prescription you heard about. You don’t need to prove yourself; you just need to be responsive. Are you going to not reciprocate, shut down, or gloss over our needs and wants?

But also trust that we know what meds, exercise and tests are best for ourselves. Those are deal-breakers and intimacy-killers in any relationship.t seems like it shouldn’t be necessary to write this, given that one in every five Americans has a disability. “We know better by now.” A quick Google search would correct that misconception right away.Dating, romance and sex culture largely avoids disability.That means taking a look at your own internalized ableist behavior.

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