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Gisele Bündchen kicks butt in a new ad breaking today for Under Armour's "I Will What I Want" campaign by Droga5." data-title = "Ad of the Day: Under Armour Presents Gisele Bündchen Like You’ve Never Seen Her" data-categories = "" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "no" data-auth = "" The supermodel and wife of NFL quarterback Tom Brady (a fellow UA athletic endorser) also shows off her kung fu and yoga abilities at, which will stream real-time comments from social media.Leanne Fremar, executive creative director for UA's women's brand, gave Adweek a sneak preview of the 60-second film, which rolls out Thursday on You Tube.The UA scientists completed the radiocarbon dating tests in early January 2005. However, one book binding piece also contained papyrus, so they determined radiocarbon ages for both leather and papyrus in that fragment.The calibrated ages for all individual samples agreed to an astonishing degree within the third or fourth centuries A. "Given the clustering of the dates the five samples and the nature of the object (a book), one can argue that, in fact, a single object was measured six times," they said.As Gisele works up a sweat, we see real-life insults from social media critics questioning why UA would sign her. "Protect this blouse," says another." But others are supportive as Gisele tunes out the noise—and keeps punching.

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The manuscript will eventually be returned to Egypt, to be housed in Cairo's Coptic Museum, National Geographic said. The UA's National Science Foundation AMS Lab, established in 1981, has become a world leader in dating objects by their radiocarbon and other radioactive isotope content.The codex languished in a safe-deposit box on Long Island, N. An NGC video crew shot footage of UA radiocarbon dating for the documentery last October.Y., for 16 years before it was bought in 2000 by a Zurich-based antiquities dealer, National Geographic said. Media began reporting on the project to authenticate and restore the Gospel of Judas text in late February.Look for the raw, real video to go viral—much like the previous one with Misty Copeland, which has been watched nearly 6 million times. This is the Brazilian supermodel like you've never seen her before.

With her fists wrapped like a boxer, she's athletic, fierce and formidable.(EDITORS: Tim Jull and Greg Hodgins are attending the 19th International Carbon 14 Conference in Oxford, England, April 3 - 7. Jull's British cell phone number is 44 7910 320 555. Left to right are a sample of leather binding that incorporates some of the papyrus on which the manuscript was written; a sample of just the leather binding; a sample of untreated papyrus; and a sample of papyrus after cleaning. "All date to the third to fourth century, clearly before the Council of Nicaea, which presumably would have suppressed such a document." The first Council of Nicaea, convoked by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in A. 325, was the first ecumenical conference of bishops of the Christian Church.