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As the colony grew and prospered, sentiment also grew for greater autonomy.

In the context of the Glorious Revolution in England, Jacob Leisler led Leisler's Rebellion and effectively controlled the city and surrounding areas from 1689–1691, before being arrested and executed.

The neighborhood of Tri Be Ca straddles Chambers Street on the west side; at the street's east end is the giant Manhattan Municipal Building.

North of Chambers Street and the Brooklyn Bridge and south of Canal Street lies most of New York's oldest Chinatown neighborhood.

The colony was granted self-government in 1652, and New Amsterdam was formally incorporated as a city on February 2, 1653.By 1700, the Lenape population of New York had diminished to 200.The 1735 libel trial of John Peter Zenger in the city was a seminal influence on freedom of the press in North America.It would be a standard for the basic articles of freedom in the United States Declaration of Independence.

After a series of fires in 1741, the city became panicked that blacks planned to burn the city in a conspiracy with some poor whites.Willem Kieft became director in 1638 but five years later was embroiled in Kieft's War against the Native Americans.The Pavonia Massacre, across the Hudson River in present-day Jersey City resulted in the death of 80 natives in February 1643.The Stamp Act and other British measures fomented dissent, particularly among the Sons of Liberty, who maintained a long-running skirmish with locally stationed British troops over Liberty Poles from 1766 to 1776.