Dating in the dark season 1 episode 1 part 2

15-May-2017 19:11

, a German sci-fi horror which begins with a missing child in the small and very rainy German town of Winden and ends with a total and utter mind-flip of interlinked timelines. We're going to leave this here so you can scroll back and look at it again when needed.Some are calling it the next , but we reckon it's a bit more... To recap: The series begins in 2019 with Michael Kahnwald, father of Jonas, husband of Hannah hanging himself and leaving behind a note saying 'not to be opened until 4 November at pm'.Cut to November 4, when we learn that a red-haired boy called Erik Obendorf has been missing for two weeks and the case is assigned to police officer Ulrich – the case is very personal to him because his teenage brother went missing in Winden 33 years ago and has never been found.On the 4th, Ulrich's son Mikkel goes missing in the woods near the caves, then the next day a dead kid turns up in the woods wearing '80s togs and a nickel with '1986' on it round his neck.He's carrying a Walkman and he has severe burns around his eyes and his eardrums are completely burst.Teenager Jonas was with Mikkel on the night of his disappearance and resolves to try to find him.The next morning we see Mikkel emerge from the cave in the woods where he went missing.Only when he gets back into the town he realises it's not 2019, in fact it's 1986.

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Claudia is an expert time-traveller – and at war with Noah to control time travel.

In 1986, Claudia is the head of the nuclear power plant that's at the centre of Winden.

She learns that there's been a radioactive leak over the summer.

Noah claims that it's The Stranger's attempt to close the loop that actually created it in the first place.

Noah is a murderous time-travelling priest, and he's at war with Claudia (more later) to control time travel.

That's the basic setup of a show focused on time-travel between three eras: 1953, 19. This centres around an underground cellar where Noah (more on him later) has built a machine which opens wormholes in 33-year increments (it's 33 years because of a theory that because a year isn't actually exactly 365 days it's only every 33 years where things are completely aligned and 'reset' – apparently).

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