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After agreeing to meet someone through a dating app, O'Neil disappeared - as did ,000 from his bank accounts. How could O'Neil fall prey to the same trap that had claimed Brian six years prior? “Si, yo estoy aqui,” replied Donnie Mc Gean, O'Neil's oldest brother. ” “Not as good [as] I want.” They had met six months earlier when Donnie and his wife visited O'Neil in Mazatlan, a city known as the Pearl of the Pacific.

“Hola amigo, you there,” Jorge Guillen Gonzalez wrote on Facebook messenger on 26 October 2016.

'" Most of the events of The New 52 are still understood to have happened in the post-"Superman Reborn" timeline, but Jurgens singled out the relationship as something that has not occurred.

O'Neil had moved there in 2006 after visiting a few times.Shortly after the previous big Superman reboot, in the mid-80s, John Byrne wrote Superman as having developed a crush on Wonder Woman shortly after they met.It blossomed into a first date, in #600, after which Superman realized that the two were wrong for one another; while Wonder Woman was fundamentally of the gods, Superman was fundamentally a mortal man.There would be nothing to stop Wonder Woman dating a human man, but one like Superman, who is so often seen as a god, created a disconnect neither of them could quite get past.

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The idea of Superman and Wonder Woman ending up together "happily ever after" was explored in Mark Waid and Alex Ross's "We weren't saying Lois should die and Superman and Wonder Woman should together for ever and ever," Waid told Comic

Now they demanded ,000 more, but gave confusing directions, first instructing Jorge to pay in the morning, then ordering him to deposit a fifth of the money immediately - without providing a bank account. You don't give the orders here.” As the texts became more threatening, Jorge grew visibly distraught, sobbing and retching, recalled Donnie, who was busy dialing FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials - contacts of a relative who'd retired from the DEA - to ask them to try to trace his brother's phone.

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