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Cardin Pierre 1950s - Italian born designer who lives and works in France.

Renowned for his space age and Avant Garde designs. Founding his own empire in 1950s, he went on to design not only fake jewelry but couture clothing, accessories, perfume, bags, cars and he purchased Maxim's restaurant chain.

Not only in gold and silver but other non precious metals. Signed BARCS in capitals with usually a design number.

Possible link with Monet, as a brooch was almost identical except colors to a Monet piece. Most went wholesale to a retailer who would have sold it under their own name. The Berberi company started to produce jewelry in the early 1980s, with epoxy marbled earrings being their most produced as well as necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

Produced jewelry that resembles the Duchess of Windsor's jewelry.

Available in up market departments stores in many countries and now available online. Castlecliff - 1918 - 1977, First signed their jewelry in 1941.

Also produced a range for the film "My Fair Lady" which are now very sought after. The My Fair Lady pieces are signed as such as well as the designer.

Collects haute couture dresses and Barbie dolls, writing a book in the late 1980s.

Following the death of Dan in the 60s The company ceased production in the 70s. They were in production from 1952 until about 1977. The jewelry company called Del Nicola was incorporated into the Capri company around the sixties. They produced the usual pieces: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches from rhinestones, mock pearls and art glass.

Jewelry advertisements can be found on the Internet. For more vintage Capri jewellery and signature photograph information.

Preferring geometric shapes and motifs and showing such an elegance in design. For Pierre Cardin jewellery and accessories to buy.

Pierre Cardin also holds theater for show casing his creations. Carnegie Hattie - 1939 - 1970s, US company owned by Hattie who was Austrian. Signed Hattie Carnegie, Carnegie or HC or HAC in a diamond shape plaque. Very collectible and sought after as did not copy other manufacturers. Started by Carol Friedlander in the US, first as a kitchen table project that escalated into the company it is today.

The company produced his pieces, because of the beauty and his tragic early death. Ben Reig - 1950s - 1970s, early designer was Omar Kiam. Bengal Jacob - 1873 - present, Idar Oberstein, Germany. Their early jewelry is unmarked and they used cards and paper stickers. BJ - Unknown manufacturer - would suggest imported from China during the eighties and nineties.

Probably about 2008 dated piece. Austrian. Some of her jewelry is also dated as well as signed. Lane Kenneth J KJL - information to be added soon.… continue reading »

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And while other costume-jewelry designers strove to create an aura of cachet and exclusivity around their products, Lane did a KJL for Avon line in the 1980s.… continue reading »

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Jul 3, 2010. Case in point The jewelry of a man who put the “que” in junk and turned it into very desirable 'junque.' Kenneth Jay Lane, or KJL as he's known.… continue reading »

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Feb 27, 2017. Kenneth Jay Lane is an American designer of beautiful jewelry. He started by. DATING KJL JEWELRY BY HALLMARK. K. J. L. without a.… continue reading »

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I have been collecting, wearing and selling Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry for many years. I am very passionate. 1970's - KJL without dots. 4. 1970's - KENNETH.… continue reading »

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Sep 15, 2007. His jewelry was signed with the K. J. L. logo for the first 10 years of production. Kenneth Lane's earliest pieces were unsigned during his.… continue reading »

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