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22-Jun-2017 01:31

I feel like something is trying to choke me in Taiwan.

Perhaps it's because I don't fit in or share the narrow repressiveness of the Taiwan vibe, so it has this effect on me?

First, while you might think that a foreigner in Taiwan experiences a culture shock, there is an even bigger one experienced by Asian Americans (like myself) in Taiwan which is not publicly talked about and runs deep into one's very own identity.

And it explains why Asian Americans do not usually like to live in Taiwan like other foreigners do. It gets much deeper and more taboo, which I will go over in the next section.

After all, who would like his/her identity messed with everyday? So in that sense, an Asian American (or Taiwanese American) experiences an "identity shock" in Taiwan, not just a culture shock. WARNING: The following section may sound a little kooky and is totally taboo as well.

The entire disaster can be summed up in one quote from a female business school student. If you asked me to raise the dead and fly around the world so fast that time reversed like some kind of Superman-Jesus, I would tell you to go fuck yourself.

“My mother’s life goals were to have a beautiful garden, a well-kept house, and well-adjusted children who did well in school. If you tell them something enough times, they’ll believe it like it’s gospel. That’s exactly the same as telling a woman she’s capable of doing what a man can.You see, as an Asian American, I have basically no place in Taiwan.I don't fit into the local category or foreigner category.With all these distractions, it’s a goddamn miracle women can even remember to get dressed in the morning. Today, men are responsible for exactly what we’ve been responsible for since the beginning of time: everything.

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