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30-Jul-2017 02:58

Fortunately for some stars, they were able to avoid the pitfalls of a high-profile love connection (at least for a while), because they found love before they ever found fame.

Here are the celebrities who married their high school sweethearts.

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He softened that statement a little when he spoke to Like Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, Joey Fatone and his wife, Kelly Baldwin Fatone, took over a decade to get married despite being on-and-off lovers for 14 years. We had a kid, we lived together, then we got married.I say, 'If something looks better to you, than there's the door," she also told when everyone assumed he was stepping out with his partner, Kym Johnson, and during the hype surrounding *NSYNC's one-time reunion at The 2013 MTV VMAs when reports actually surfaced that Joey left Kelly.Still, the key to the couple's success seems to be a good sense of humor.He also credits his ever-present backstage bride with helping him through his darkest times, like during a near mental breakdown at the height of his fame in 1991, and after Richie Sambora inexplicably left the band in 2013 and never came back. For a long time, Solange Knowles was tight-lipped about her marriage to Daniel Smith, her high school sweetheart who she married at 17-years-old after becoming pregnant with their son, Julez.