Dating my bc rich guitar

24-Jun-2017 02:42

I purchased mine from a pawn shop back in the 90's.Any help on the serial number would be [email protected] 8 HEY LORNE, I PICKED UP A WARLOCK PLATINUM WITH WIDOW HEADSTOCK ON A TRADE, SERIAL F2050581, THE GUY DID NOT HAVE THE TREMLO ARM, AND I WAS WONDERING WHERE TO GET ONE. YOU CAN EMAIL WHENEVER YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY @ [email protected]

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18323-BCR-Bible-Import-Guitars-(non-USA) I have a 80's Warlock Platinum as well. I can't find any more info on it other that what I can see for myself lol. I am currently restoring an early 80's model ST-III with the three switches that control the pick-ups. I am in need of a picture or diagram of the wiring. Also, im sure I can find other pictures of the wiring on these basses in my pic archive if I looked hard enough. It has a Humbucker and two single coil pick-ups controlled by 3 mini-switches. When I bought the guitar it had Bartolini pick-ups in it but the wiring was trashed. Ah, lol, I only play bass and without thinking just assumed that it was a bass. Derek My husband has a BC Rich guitar is electric and acoustic. Assuming that you do have a US ST and this is what you are talking about I would be more then happy to take some detailed photos of the wiring of both of my basses (one is set up stock, the other with EMGs) and send them to you. Derek Derek, I am talking about my 6 string guitar. The guitar is gutted right now but I can send you a picture any way if you'ld like. Send a picture if you want to my email [email protected] love seeing some snakeskin BC Riches!I've put together this time line from info I've collected over the years and quotes copied from Neal Moser, Mal Stich and many other ex employess, including copying information from the old BC Rich website back in the Rico Sr era.

I take no responsibility for it's accuracy, but I presume it's all correct (to the best of my knowledge). (aka Allan) ================================================== ===================== ================================================== ===================== Import guitar lines. This is a way too common and very anoying missconception. Even though these exact neckplates were used on USA bolt on guitars, they were also used on the Platinum and N. Remember that assumption is the mother of all failure! ================================================== ===================== A note on bolt on neck plates I would like to make a point that the above L.