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" (I said the same thing later when Mc Garrett clashed with Duclair, even though the top cop took part in an MMA fight in S02E06, and O'Loughlin is kind of a beefy guy.) Duclair prevails in the fight with Rey, and Five-Zero makes an appearance just as she is about to meet her end.Duclair escapes, hijacks a car and flees to a dead-end road where he enters the Ewa Forest Reserve and starts setting fires as a cover for his escape.Probably because Rey (and Rath, like another Canadian actor, Michael J.Fox many years ago) is young and could pass for being in her late teens, Mc Garrett and Danno tell her they want her to investigate the recent murder of a computer engineering student named Benny Lung on the Aloha State campus which has been connected to a hacker named Mi Zchief, a name which Danno suggests is that of "a moron." She tells them thanks, but no thanks.Rey, who looks like she weighs maybe 120 pounds soaking wet, then attacks Duclair with various martial arts skills which she no doubt picked up at the police academy.

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