Dating old prints

03-Apr-2017 12:14

For instance, if you have any pictures from the 19th century, use the sleeve length as an indicator of time.Sleeves changed length and shape through that time so it would be easy for you to notice a common trend.But this doesn’t mean you have all the details of your fun and wonderful times.Now, before you start regretting your forgetful nature, understand that it’s not your fault.

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In doing so, it makes a significant scholarly contribution as well as allows viewers—even an academically-trained scholar like me—to become better connoisseurs.

The exhibition carefully demonstrates these differences and changes.

For prints of unknown dates, we turned to Lee Ann Daffner, Andrew W.

For example, in the image below you will see one photo from 1968 and another dated between 1910-1920.

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Any neckwear or such item would work great if you’re trying to narrow down a photo that features men.

As Sarah Meister discusses in her essay for the catalog, Brandt’s “brooding, atmospheric prints” from the 1930s (Soho Bedroom, 1934) eventually gave way to prints with higher contrast and graininess by the 1950s (Harold Pinter, Battersea, London, 1961), which was perhaps a result of his work with magazines and newspapers as well as his changing artistic sensibility after World War II.

Printmaking is a very old art form, dating, in the case of woodblock prints, to 9th-century China. Intaglio techniques such as engravings, etchings, and aquatints.… continue reading »

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