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The large case with external bezel, Omega believed, would allow wearers to quicker reference the scale for measuring speed.Rolex's Daytona – born a good six years later in 1963 – was to borrow this concept by putting a tachymeter scale on an external bezel, as did Heuer with its Autavia.All backs of the 2915--2 feature a single bevel to the edge. This watch was made for only one year –1959 – and is the very definition of the "transitional" watch.What we mean by this is that just about anything goes here.Over the years, Omega has produced hundreds of offshoot watches, but for purity's sake (and brevity's, for that matter), we will focus on the purest of all Speedmasters here.

Still, the CK2915 is the most desirable and valuable of all Omega Speedmasters due to its importance, rarity, and completely different look.

The very same year, we would see the introduction of the reference 2913 Omega Seamaster, a new serious diver's watch aimed at competing with Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms and the Rolex Submariner, both introduced four years earlier in 1953.

Further, 1957 saw the birth of the reference 2914 Railmaster, a highly anti-magnetic watch aimed squarely at engineers, and combating the Rolex Milgaus, IWC Ingenieur, and even Patek's 3417.

It bears the reference of the earliest Speedmasters – 2915 – but that doesn't mean it may not look just like the watch that came next – reference 2998-1; you can find 2915-3 models with both a brushed metal and a black bezel with "base 1000" script.

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So it could look like a 2998, but at the same time, it may look I have seen 2915-3's with steel bezels and broad arrow hands.

The Heuer Carrera, however, would not receive a tacyhmeter scale at all until the mid to late 1960s with its 2447 reference NST and SNT – the "T" denoting tachymeter scale.