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17-Jun-2017 23:59

There is also an advanced set of filters and multi-level protection including tokenisation and a 3D Secure system.

Our “Remember Me” option lets your customers pay with just a click, without having to remember their credit card details.

You can offer related products or services right after completing the initial transaction, which can increase your sales by up to 30%.

You can add cross-selling capabilities to your payment platform in minutes, by simply copy and pasting one line of code.

Every payment is scored and checked against fraud, and you can decide if certain actions are required.

When you notice a suspicious transaction, you have the possibility to add it to the blacklist.

With our Customer Records feature, you can make money every time another service asks for customer transaction details to verify the user.

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Furthermore, the powerful code lets you set up any payment scenario you want.A Customer Record is created after making an initial transaction.Securion Pay lets your customers pay on any device they want to, with all the same capabilities outlined in this article.In addition to this, the checkout is translated into 23 languages, so you can provide a truly local experience, no matter where your users are searching for love.