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Case in point: A question was asked at the Peavey website forum about a serial number date (00763566), our very own michaelcpoulin, and AJ came back with 1982.So, don't take the list here as gospel._________________Tony ITOC #05-000134 T-60s, T-63, T-15, Generation Standard, Hydra, Mantis LT, Milestone, Mystic, Odyssey, Patriot, Patriot tremolo, Predator, Raptor, Razer, Reactor, 3 Rockmasters, Tracer, Backstage, Bandit, VSS 20, Vypyr 30, Vypyr VIP-1.hand-stamped Charley Gressett, his wife, my wife, and I went to see Neal Diamond years later, in California, when we worked for Fender, and were appalled that he had red, white, and blue, NEON TUBES outlining the T-60 that he played when singing "Coming To America", (or something like that).That was probably his 000000XX."That's all I know about that"..... Gump Chip It's humorous to read the word,"Vintage" after almost any guitar that's a decade or more old. There are two T-60s on ebay now that have an 8Mxxxxxx E serial number.

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There are four editions of the Blue Book, as of 2014.The Schmidt Serial Numbering head didn't have the capability of letters, only numbers, so there would have been only a very few with the 8Mxxxxxx.There were a few specials, like the Magnolia wood T-40 bass for Ken Achard, author of "The History and Development of the American Guitar" (with rear mounted pickups and controls), that were made, with Hartley's blessing, off the records and with their initials for serial numbers.Fill out the form below with some info about your Need and We will get back to you as soon as I can.

Because the serial number of an amp can sometimes be listed on different components of the amp, if the amp contains parts that are not original, it may not be possible to determine when it was made by using a serial number.

FYI - Peavey's serial number database suffered a crash a few weeks back.

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