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Jekyll furnished a home and set up a bank account for his alter ego, Hyde, who soon sunk into utter degradation.

But each time he transformed back into Jekyll, he felt no guilt at Hyde’s dark exploits, though he did try to right whatever wrongs had been done.

But this dip into darkness proved sufficient to cause another spontaneous transformation into Hyde, which took place one day when Jekyll was sitting in a park, far from home.

As Hyde, he immediately felt brave and powerful, but he also knew that the police would seize him for his murder of Carew.

Jekyll reports that, after much research, he eventually found a chemical solution that might serve his purposes.

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But as these symptoms subsided, he felt vigorous and filled with recklessness and sensuality. Upon first looking into a mirror after the transformation, Jekyll-turned-Hyde was not repulsed by his new form; instead, he experienced “a leap of welcome.” He came to delight in living as Hyde.Jekyll was becoming too old to act upon his more embarrassing impulses, but Hyde was a younger man, the personification of the evil side that emerged several years after Jekyll’s own birth.Transforming himself into Hyde became a welcome outlet for Jekyll’s passions.His defence argued that he was the unlucky victim of dozens of coincidences.

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Dressed in the dark suit, white shirt and pale blue tie he's worn throughout his trial, Wright stood emotionless as the jury foreman read out five guilty verdicts against him.It was one of these spells that struck him as he spoke to Enfield and Utterson out the window, forcing him to withdraw.In his last, desperate hours, Hyde grew stronger as Jekyll grew weaker.Hyde, so long repressed, emerged wild and vengefully savage, and it was in this mood that he beat Carew to death, delighting in the crime.